Many businesses have collapsed due to poor Bookkeeping!

Bookkeeping: Get it wrong and watch your business die!”

Research revealed that⁣ 

40% of small business owners believe bookkeeping and tax preparations are the most herculean aspects of building a business,⁣

47% are totally against the financial cost of hiring a bookkeeper or an accountant,⁣


8% don’t enjoy all the paperworks involved even as they determine to DIY (do it yourself).

Going by this statistics, little wonder why small businesses fail as a result of CASHFLOW PROBLEMS.⁣⁣

 Are you ready to discover the Cash Leaks In your business You May Not Be Aware Of?

 Do you know that identifying the leakages in your business will prevent you from dipping your hands into your business savings month after month?

 Do you want access to the 3 Ways To Master CASH LEAKS Without Breaking A Sweat using a proven Step by Step template that many are using to block their leaking cash flow?

FREE Webinar will reveal:


Brillant ways to secure your CASHFLOW









This Webinar is designed for the small business owner who:

Wants to identify the cash leaks in their business and how to block them in order to stay liquid and profitable in their business;

 Has been consistently wondering where all their business fund is going, and why they seem to run out of cash even before the end of the month. This will open your eyes and you will be able to ascertain with clarity whether or not you have a spending leak;

✔ Want to learn how a business can settle its monthly bills (expenditures) even if you have been encountering intermittent business losses.


This webinar is for that entrepreneur who wants to understand how cash flows through the business.

It also focuses on teaching you brilliant/smart ways on how to secure your cash flow.

This webinar can be taken by small business owners who desire to have a good understanding of their business numbers using effective cash flow management systems.

Please note, this webinar is not one size fits for all class but rather an eye-opener for you to see the little foxes eating up your business funds.

This webinar will help you master the Bookkeeping secrets that will safeguard your business and help you grow.

You will also understand how having a cash flow problem is more detrimental to your business than experiencing intermittent business losses.

Results speaks for us

Knowing SmallBizSaver has actually moved my business from the point of hobby to an intentional business activities. Before I met her, I don't keep records of my expenses let alone know how much my monthly turnover is but her involvement in my bookkeeping tasks has helped me to upscale my accounting knowledge. Thank you so much, SmallBizSaver

The Amazing Cake Maker

I co-own several businesses and some distributorship deals. Smallbizsaver has been helping me for almost 4 years now with services ranging from tax compliance to preparation of financial accounts . At Gem3A Solutions, I received the kind of creative strategic advice that I had been seeking for some years now because I didn't really value the service of an Accountant initially. Smallbizsaver brings vast experience with tax authorities to the table. She has quick and practical solutions for even the most complicated FEDERAL and STATE tax planning questions. I highly recommend Gem3A Solutions to the world.
A friend of mine referred SmallBizSaver to me as my consultant. After series of phone discussions, I decided to visit her in the office, and the reception was very warm like we've known each other for a long time. I was impressed with her professionalism and detailed attention paid to my financial accounts. I felt like I'm home. Transfer from my previous consultant was easy. I signed one paper and Gem3A Solutions took care of the rest. Therefore, I highly recommend SmallBizSaver.
Kunle Adebisi 
MD Kunbito Global Services Ltd

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